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Interactive Media Services has entered the market of outside broadcasting TV realization and coverage of events. The company disposes of its very own OB Vehicle (OB Van) Fleet which consists of 4 trucks: OB1HD, two OB Units (OB2-Super Jumbo SD and OB3-Jumbo SD), which work together or separately, a DTR truck (Jumbo-Mate SD) and two support vehicles.

OB 1HD (High Definition) IMS project won more than 2.4 million BGN from EU (Operational EU Program for competitive power and economics progress 2007-2013)

The OB Vehicle Fleet was acquired from the UK where in the course of the past 5 years they were fully engaged with football production. They have been involved in the television coverage of matches from the English premiership and the Champions League, concerts, cultural and political events, as well as the realisation of television productions for BBC, STV and Sentana Sport.


The OB Vehicle Fleet has the full technical capacity for television coverage of all sport events. The fleet is technical equipment of the fleet fulfils all requirements of the international sport federations.
The OB Vehicle Fleet is fully prepared for live or recorded television coverage of concerts, teatrical performances, public and political debates, corporate meetings, etc. the highly qualified team of engineers ensures the high quality of the sound and visuals.
The Production team of the OB Vehicle Fleet consists of directors, cameramen, assistants, etc, are all professionals with extensive experience in TV production of sport, concert and public events.

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