Challenge called –  Basketball

Basketball is a sport that has a lot of fans, both in Bulgaria and around the world and is one of the most unifying sports! It requires maximum speed and teamwork on the part of the players, from the beginning to the end of the referee signal.

For three consecutive years, the IMS PRODUCTIONS team head the opportunity to touch a magic called basketball. In 2020 we covered the basketball match between Bulgaria and Latvia team, Euro qualification (men), which was broadcast on BNT channel. Followed by the basketball match between Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosted by Bulgaria. The event was broadcast on BTV channel (2021). It was also the first stage of qualifying for the 2023 World Basketball Championship.

The IMS PRODUCTIONS team successfully filmed the last basketball match between the two national teams of Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, on February 24th , 2022. The match was broadcast live on Nova Sport channel.

The basketball game was filled with quite strong and emotional moments for basketball fans, and thanks to the professional work and dedication of the boys in the company, the pleasure for the senses was doubled.