This sport is founded back in the 60s by a few students who wanted to make a surfing that could slide onto the snowy slopes. That dreamer’s strong dedication created a massive wave which swept away all challenges in front of it. So, by “flying” with the small board we paint onto the fluffy but razor-back edges. The challenge, to cross the next jump in harmony with the wild nature, to feel the freedom and the blast is just an amazing feeling. Be with us!

IMS is indisputable partner for extreme winter sports lovers.

Our mission is to film all rounds of the European Ski Cup which had taken place in Bulgaria since 2010 with Bansko being the host, Pamporovo and Borovets as well.

For another year in a row IMS was the preferred partner to the Bulgarian Ski federation for broadcasting the Snowboard World Cup 2018. IMS successfully fulfilled and broadcasted the Bansko Snowboard World Cup round – parallel slalom and border cross.

The IMS whole technical support and broadcasting teams were mobilized in order to film all the trainings and starts in HD quality.

The total numbers of cameras used was 15. The technical and broadcasting teams consist of 36 highly qualified specialists, who have proven that they are real experts in organizing and broadcasting prestigious sports events including the European ski cup, Football tournaments, Europa League, Champions League, the World cup, the European volleyball tournament, the Bulgarian Football tournament, the Volleyball Super League and many others.


Kind Regards,

IMS Team