The team of IMS PRODUCTIONS successfully realized the filming of the volleyball matches in 2020 and 2021- including the Volleyball Championship, as well as the matches for the Cup of Bulgaria. This year our team has again the privilege to touch everything interesting from volleyball matches and being reflected it in the most professional and attractive way possible.

All matches are broadcast on Diema Sport chanel.

Volleyball is one of the most dynamics games which require fast reactions when shooting. Therefore, the IMS cameramen, the panel producer, the repetition producer should react just as fast in order to catch every single moment. For detailed shooting and broadcasting of the volleyball game between 6 and 12 high resolution cameras are used. One special camera situated on the net gives the chance to watch on the “battle” for the ball on the net. Special system for video control (video challenge system) is also integrated.

The whole complex work of the team is of a big importance when shooting a volleyball game because each element of the game needs catching up on the spot and being broadcasted in the best and most fascinating way.