About company

IMS PRODUCTIONS  is a Bulgarian company specialized in multicamera shooting of sports and entertainment programs, which delivers to the TV viewer a product in a very high quality/full HD 1080/50i.

We have been working since 2008 and have over 25,000 hours of broadcasting in football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, ski, boxing, taekwondo, rhythmic gymnastics, concerts, various European and world championships, public and ceremonial events.

Since it has entered the field of outside broadcasting production, the company has an impressive history and experience in the broadcasting of sporting events in Bulgaria. Already traditionally the name IMS PRODUCTIONS is associated with the coverage of the football championship in the country.

OB Trucks are supplied with professional audio-visual equipment and equipped with everything necessary for quality TV realization.

The Fleet – HD OB Trucks


The company owns a Fleet of 3 full HD OB Trucks: OB1 HD,  OB2 HD and OB3 HD. And each of them is equipped with an tender trucks for its equipment.

  • OB1 HD – An expandable trailer with 20 workplaces, it can produce with up 14 cameras in full HD and with Dolby 5.1 sound
  • OB2 HD – An expandable rigid truck with 12 workplaces, it can produce with up 12 cameras in full HD and with stereo sound
  • OB3 HD – Rigid truck with 9 workplaces, it can produce with up 8 cameras in full HD and with stereo sound.

The Fleet of OB Trucks has the full technical capacity for television coverage of all sport events. The fleet is technical equipment of the fleet fulfils all requirements of the international sport federations.

The Fleet of OB Trucks is fully prepared for live or recorded television coverage of concerts, teatrical performances, public and political debates, corporate meetings, etc. the highly qualified team of engineers ensures the high quality of the sound and visuals.

Tender Trucks:

The company owns a Fleet of OB Trucks, which consist 3 Full HD OB Trucks, and each of them is equipped with an tender trucks for its equipment.

The team

We have a highly motivated team, comprised of experts in the field, with more than 6,000 live shows.

Each of the 3 full HD OB Trukcs has full technical and implementation team.

The company’s team consists of a relatively large and highly qualified team of television engineers specializing in the design, implementation and integration of television technology, in all its aspects.

Our Partners

The company is a partner of major national televisions  – Nova TV, Btv, BNT;

Sports Federations; Music Performers, Producers and organizers of various events.

Private sector – J Vision, Black Bros Sound, C J Motion, Joker Media, ATV Rental, Kakafonia Sofia and  AVA Vision.

In conclusion

Our background, experience, know-how, highly motivated and qualified team, as well as the available high-tech resources, give us the confidence and courage to prove that we are the most suitable Bulgarian company, worthy to gain the trust of all consumer end.

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