Levski’s victory against Cherno more

//Levski’s victory against Cherno more

Levski’s victory against Cherno more

The football match was held on April 9th  2022, at “Georgi Asparouhov” stadium, in the city of Sofia, and was broadcast live on Diema Sport channel.

The remarkable match between two teams, Levski and Cherno more, ended with a score of 2:0 for the hosts in a match of the 26th round of the First League.

The tactical and contested match was covered in the most attractive and quality way possible by the team of IMS PRODUCTIONS. The atmosphere of the stadium could be felt by the football fans, even more tangible by the amazing shots taken by a bird’s eye with a drone.

Bearing in mind the available equipment and the professional team of the company, the match has become a scene of faery for spectators and football fans of the most famous sport all over the world.