A well-deserved win for Levski over Hebar

//A well-deserved win for Levski over Hebar

A well-deserved win for Levski over Hebar

As a guest in a Pazardjik town, Levski’s team  beat  Hebar’s team with a score of 2:0 in a match of the 22th round of Efbet League. In this way, the football team of Levski, broke an unprecedented negative streak of 11 consecutive games without a win in its recent history.

The football championship of  Bulgaria, between the teams of Levski and Hebar, was held on March  5th 2023, at “Georgi Benkovski” stadium, in the city of Pazardjik, and was broadcast live on Diema Sport channel.

Fans of both teams filled the stadium to capacity, which helped create an exceptional atmosphere in the match.

The IMS Productions team covered the battle between the two teams in a most  skillful and interesting way.The company’s available high-definition equipment, as well as the professional qualities of cameraman, sound directors and desk director etc., contributed to the brilliant filming of the football match.