Football is passion! Football is magic and longing! Football is that children’s dream giving us the chance to get together. It’s that emotional world where millions of people get alone at one place, at the same time, with different race and at different age to share their interests. And what is more football is giving them that great opportunity where everyone enjoys his or her presence at every single moment of it. To some it is a big joy, to others it is sore disappointment but they both will always express their strong emotional and undivided support, love and confidence in the team.  Football keeps the hope till the last moment; therefore it is the Great one, the king of all sports!!! To football, you are the most important one, the special one, the fan, the viewer. You my friend, can enjoy the “picture” drawn by us your narrator and artist.  We are the television crew.

Thank to our hues and cameras representing the performance on the field on one hand and the atmosphere with all the voices on the other hand, we put together the pieces on the picture and endow it with life!  We create this impulse within you and hold your hand until you reach that place where you have always been willing to be – on the field where you feel at home!

Deep in the heart of all this is hidden the mastery of the narrator, the sensuousness and the flair of the narrator eyes and ears together with the emotional objectivity of his soul. This is the reason we all share this fairytale and go through it together. We, IMS are the narrator and you are the spectator.

With huge responsibility, longing and professionalism IMS created completely new appearance and standard regarding the SD and HD shooting for all games from Bulgarian Football League. Every weekend no matter what the weather would be you are given the chance to enjoy your football game at home.

We have travelled many kilometers far from here in order to start our television story by counting 4,5,6,8,10,12,14 cameras until we have reached our dreamt goal and tournament – The Champions League!

The football games are divided into several classes according to the numbers of cameras with which they are being filmed. In other words:

  1. Football game class “A” or the so called Derby Game” – 8 cameras one of which is on a 10 meters long crane.
  2. Football game class “B” – 6 cameras
  3. Football game class “C” or “Б” group/division – 4 cameras.

For more detailed picture long-focused object-glasses are used and they are called “Box Lense” with rate frequency 60x and 75x. This is providing thoroughgoing repeat of the contentiousness situation. All this is recorded and controlled in real time by repetition servers giving the chance to spot on the exact passage of the game from different angles. In addition the picture is backed up with graphic package. The whole complexity of the system is integrated within an OB HD  which is the only one in Bulgaria.

This is our recipe for a great emotional “dish” made with love for you!

We were there, how about you?

Remember my friend: Dreams come true!

Kind Regards,

IMS team